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It’s tough to create a paradise outside and not have preparation for the winter months. You may need a top for the hot tub, a pool cover, and of course, a patio heater. Patio heaters have been great assets to the outdoor lifestyle of backyard entertainers since they hit the market. Many different styles have been created to match the individual needs of the consumers. The GS3000SS and other table top patio heaters are great for both indoor and outdoor usage.

Details and Description

This sleek table top unit processes 11,000 BTUs and offers hours of heated delight to the surrounding people. It is fueled by propane and easily started by the push of a button. This unit is made of stainless steel. It can endure light weather and has a shut off safety valve if ever tilted or knocked over. It weighs approximately 19 and a half pounds and is roughly thirty-five inches tall. The fuel capacity of this unit is approximately sixteen pounds, overall weight roughly twenty pounds. The great thing about this unit is that you can use propane or butane with it.

The Positives of the GS3000SS

Many consumers report that this is a great unit and continuing with how well this heater was manufactured. It is stainless steel which makes it easier to clean. For locations that are in the tropics, that may see cooler nights but warm days, this patio heater has been an awesome addition to their backyard enjoyment, according to some consumers. It’s well worth the money that was used to purchase this, based on consumer reports. Reports also mention that the heat is adequate enough to suit their needs of heating a small circular area and that the canister area is easy to trade out empty canisters for full propane canisters.

The Negatives of the GS3000SS

Negative reviews are going to come through with each and every product due to the lack of being able to manufacture everything perfectly. However, some reviews hold true to their products and must be taken into consideration when purchasing. The GS3000SS is one of those products that consumers have complained about being poorly made. The heating aspect does not function properly, as stated by those who have purchased, set up, and used this unit. Another issue that consumers have found that some units tend to stop working after ten minutes or so. Later it will start working again when lit, but it has to have a cool down period before relighting.

In Conclusion

Comparing prices is ideal when you are looking to purchase something such as a patio heater from an online source. Many sources will have credits or reviews that you can view. It is important that you do this as it can tell you whether or not the product is ideal for your needs. Patio heater discounts can be found by comparing such sites as well. Become informed about the product that you are searching for and enjoy relying on your instinct and consumer reviews.