When Should You Replace Your Electric Toothbrush?

Just the way people get attached to so many things, you also tend to get attached to your electric toothbrush. Well, you can’t avoid it, you just reach a point where you don’t want to let go. You believe it is still serving you well however slow it takes to take a full charge and however fast it loses the same charge.

Well, one day the toothbrush is going to fail on you. You will be in the middle of a brushing episode only for the brush to stop working. Charging it repeatedly might not work. You need to find another set, an action you can perform by heading to Toothbrush Best. Let us look at the signs that your brush is failing and you need to replace it.

It Takes Longer to Charge the Battery

If the battery starts taking longer to charge than normal, then your brush is on its way out. The problem might be the charger or the battery. Try replacing both and see if the brush gets back to its original performance. If it doesn’t, then try hunting for another brush.

Additionally, a fully charged battery should take a specific period of time before it goes flat. If the battery discharges faster, then you need to replace it. Check for leaks around the battery, which is a definite sign that the battery is dead or dying.

The Bristles Aren’t as Effective As Before

It takes just a few months for the bristles on your toothbrush to start being ineffective at cleaning your teeth. You might think that your toothbrush is working just fine but soon you might experience plaque buildup.

After such a period, the bristles might not get into all the spaces and corners of the mouth the way a new brush can do. This is because the bristles have gone out of place and won’t do their job properly.

You Have Been Sick

Well, this isn’t a sign as such, but if you have had the flu or cold, you need to change your toothbrush. Viruses and bacteria can live in the bristles long enough to cause reinfection if you aren’t careful. If you or a family member has been sick make sure the brushes don’t come into contact with each other. This is because this can lead to cross contamination and lead to infection. Instead, dispose ofthebrush and go for a new one.

Common Sense

Well, at times you just need a little common sense to know when to replace the brush. For instance, if the bristles start bending or getting out of shape it is time to move ahead. Additionally, if the bristles change color due to dirt, the time to replace the brush is long overdue. Additionally, if you have stayed with the brush for too long, it is time.

Make It Work for You

Your oral health is very vital to you. Regular brushing is ideal for healthy gums and a perfect smile. However, this can only be effective when your toothbrush is also in perfect shape. Start the hunt for the perfect replacement toothbrush to avoid unnecessary dental issues.